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          HMC’s investment success in power and infrastructure dates back more than three decades. During that
          time, the industry has undergone profound changes — both market and regulatory — virtually all of
          which have afforded us opportunities to create value for our investors.

                        he foundation of our strategy is a disciplined    applicable, the support and guidance) necessary to ensure that our
                        investment  focus  and  a  strong,  stable  team   assets maintain absolute best practices at all times. “With everything
                        that brings a diverse range of hands-on industry   from safety and efficiency to our role as good neighbors in the
                        experience to each investment. “Having team   community, our mindset is not to cut costs,” Molony explains, “but
                        members  with  successful backgrounds  as   rather to uphold the highest standards for good operations. Nothing
         T developers, builders, owner-op-                                      is more important to generating long-term returns
          erators and managers gives us significant advantages                  than consistently meeting customer needs.”
          in so many areas,” says strategy CEO Pat Molony.
          “Particularly in identifying and implementing                         All of which is why, since our initial fund was launched
          value-add initiatives at portfolio assets during                      in 1996, the Infrastructure strategy has enjoyed a
          an investment’s hold period — which can have a                        loyal and growing core of investors — who’ve come
          substantial impact on market returns.”                                to count on our team for sound underwriting and
                                                                                attractive risk-adjusted returns, which can provide
          Just as importantly, our team members routinely                       current income, downside protection, opportunities
          draw on their industry expertise in serving as active                 for capital gains and inflation protection.
          managers — providing the resources (and, when

                         “HMC’s team is the reason we’ve been participants in four straight Power and Infrastructure
                         funds. In a world, and a market, of continuous change, they’ve consistently delivered solid,
                                                        stable returns for us.”

                                                             rich Bielen
                                              President / CEO, Protective Life Corporation

          $1.9 Billion

          Power and Infrastructure Assets Under Management
          Across Three Active Funds, Including a Managed Account

          Net Internal Rate of Return
          Across Five Funds

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